The Hawza Ilmiyya of England has now opened it's enrollment for students wishing to start their study in January 2015. Please click on the following link to apply: http ://www . hawzaengland . com/enro l . asp

The International Congress on Extremist and Takfiri Movements in the Islamic Scholars’ View is held on Nov. 23 and 24 in Qom, the religious capital of Iran. The congress try to gather Islamic scholars and clerics to discuss the controversial issues of Takfiri movement and the extremism and terror that it caused throughout the world.


A senior Iranian cleric has denounced Israel’s acts of aggression against Palestinians, saying the Tele Aviv regime is pressing ahead with its project to Judaize al-Quds (Jerusalem).


The trustee of Shah-Abdol-Azim (as) shrine, said that Radio Maaref and its English version, The Call of Islam Radio, is the realization of the prediction of Imam Sadiq (as) on conveying the voice of Islam all over the world from the holy city of Qom.



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